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The Sleepless Critic

"Sibling rivalry has never been more fun as showcased through Ariel’s mersisters consisting of Kindred MooreAimee ColemanJoy ClarkEllie LauterAubrie-Mai Rubel and Olivia Foght.  They are gorgeous beauty queens who gossip, laugh and try to upstage each other.  They perform a catchy, 50s style rendition of She’s in Love with Flounder where even the fishy puns are cute."


"Appearing as Ariel's stunning siren "Mersisters" are Aquata (Kindred Moore), Andrina (Aimée Coleman), Arista (Joy Clark), Atina (Ellie Lauter), Adella (Aubrie-Mei Rubel) and Allana (Olivia Foght).


Separately, the Mersisters also serve in other roles in the show but, together, collectively shine most brightly during probably the best of the added new songs to the Broadway score, “She’s in Love.” "


On Boston Stages

"Ariel’s six “mersisters” are a singing and dancing delight, led by Reagle mainstay Joy Clark as Arista."

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