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I have played the cello since I was 3 years old and the piano since I was 6 years old. I have played in orchestras, chamber music groups, and musical theatre pits. I've always sung in choruses but I started taking private classical voice lessons at New England Conservatory at the beginning of high school and continued until graduating. 

I began songwriting my junior year of high school during the Covid-19 pandemic. I had a lot more free time to explore this new interest and way of self expression. I write the lyrics and music for all of my songs. I arrange, edit, and produce my music too. I released my first single "TIME" in August 2021 on Spotify, AppleMusic, YouTube, iTunes, and more. I recently released my first EP "Thought Bubbles" in June 2022 on Spotify, AppleMusic, YouTube, iTunes, and more.

TIME - Aimée Coleman

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